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Living in Sydney, Australia.

Usually Designer and Marketer, sometimes with Front-end Developer mode activated.

May 2019: Seeking remote or Australian based Digital Marketing or UI Design roles. Message me on LinkedIn or email.


UX Design & Developments
2019: Could be your web or app project! Reach out now.
2018: Launched Siteroo - A Sydney based Web UX Design, Development & Hosting Business specialising in Landing Pages using
Elementor, WordPress, GCP, Cloudflare, Hotjar, Google Analytics, MailChimp and lots of time!
2017: - A Property Co-ownership match-making service landing page using AWS, Cloudflare, Visual Composer/WP Bakery on WordPress
2015: Bubble - Anonymous Messaging Geofencing app (set up chats with anyone within 15m radius). I worked in a team of 4 people at AWShine 2015 at BlueChilli.
We won best potential.
📝 Project Brief and UI Flow Analysis (User Requirements Specification) Document.
2014: Fitness & diet tracking social app using UX Pin and user interviews for iterative feedback.
2013: I designed (from scratch) 85 fully interactive wireframes based on requirement specifications for an internal UTS hiring portal which was developed by 2 Developers.
2011: SnakeX - I remade the classic games Snake, Space Invaders and Light Cycles (think Tron) in Visual Basic .NET. Designed and developed myself with the assistance of peers and Xtreme VB.Net forum (basically Stack Overflow for VB.NET) in 2011 for my HSC (High/Secondary School Project). Includes 2 player mode + more games and user manual.


Hey there, I’m a Product Web Designer (currently seeking roles) with a background ranging from web hosting (VPS, DNS, Linux, AWS, GCP, Cloudflare) to online marketing (Social Media, SEO and logo generation in Adobe Illustrator) who grew up in Sydney, Australia. 

I studied Bachelor of Information Technology Co-op at UTS from 2012 – 2016 and it (opened my mind to several different fields of IT and workplaces).

I’ve worked in startups to corporates and back to startups, ranging from IT Support, Web Developer, Web Hosting, Online SEO and Social Media Marketing to UX and UI Design.

I’m a huge fan of HBO Silicon Valley, (and VERY highly recommend watching the series if you haven’t, there are 5 seasons so far, with 24 min episodes) and after reading:

◦ The Google Story by David A. Vise back in 2012 on my 1.5 hour commute to corporate work and:

◦  Without Their Permission by reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian in 2013, I built up a huge admiration towards the whole startup ethos.

Little did I know how tough building a startup can be at the time though, – I was primarily interested in computer networking at the time because I was always fixing home networks, and was studying an introduction to enterprise networking subject at UTS as a core subject of my degree, and thought that’s what it took to scale Google – no doubt it did, but that was just 1 of probably 25 other different fields needed to scale a company to that extent.

I keep coming back to my design (and web hosting) skills time and time again, and is where I currently see my future in. I’m heavily visually minded and never get bored of design. I love how there’s always so much to learn at every corner (especially with Adobe’s Suite and UX tools like InVision and WordPress or other CMSs!) and with design you can go at your own pace in order to make something that fits the right audience!

I constantly think of effective ideas and am usually the first to spot bugs in any site or app that I use. I leave no stone unturned when using any product or service; the ultimate stress tester from a UI standpoint. I’ve definitely used over a 1000 sites and apps in my time. (An average browsing session with me has about 246 tabs 🙂).

I was lucky enough to visit San Francisco in September 2018 for TechCrunch Disrupt as a Web Volunteer. I was amazed at the amount of tech vibe there is there; basically every corner there is a tech company, you see tech companies sticking out on the highways, only to end up in Palo Alto, Mountain View and Sunnyvale which are big tech towns but submerged in urban forest, containing companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, LinkedIn and even Amazon had an office on the freeway (although Amazon’s HQ is in Seattle).

My current long-term goal is to hopefully become an Interaction Designer, specialising in animated motion UI graphic flows. (Adobe Affect Effects) and just ensuring that user flows are properly made and maintained throughout the duration of a product’s lifecycle.

If you’re a Designer, Front-end Developer or know anyone in this space, I’d love to hear from you, drop me a line! You can usually find me attending startup meetups around Sydney.(Fishburners Pitches, Lean Startup Sydney, Growth Marketing, UI/UX, WordPress Sydney).

One of my favourite blogs run by a Senior Interaction Designer at Google is First Time UX by Krystal Higgins. She has presented at numerous UX conferences around the world:

Another great recent UX panel I came across was from a San Francisco based startup called NoiseAware – Basically an IoT noise level monitoring device for AirBnB properties (so Landlords can be reassured that their place is safe and sound during tenant stays).


I also run a Web Design Studio in Sydney at, providing Web Hosting, Design and web UX design services such as custom themingusability testing to the world.




████░░ 70%:

• UX: Ideation, User Research; Personas, Scenarios, Analytics

• UI: Prototyping interactive wireframes, Usability Evaluation, QA

•, InDesign (logos)


• WordPress (Front-end Page Builders including Elementor, Divi), Shopify CMS


• AWS (EC2, Route 53, S3), Google Cloud (Compute Engine), Nginx & Apache

• Linux Command Line: traceroute, nslookup, dig -x, whois, ping, wget/curl, SSH

• Network: DNS, TCP/UDP, DHCP, OSI

MARKETING ████░░ 75%:

• Social Media Curation, Buffer, HootSuite

• Google Analytics,,, FB Ads, MailChimp

• SEO (Google Keywords, My Business, Domain Authority)

Say hi! 🙂

[email protected]


"Stefan is an extremely enthusiastic and determined individual. He continues to strive in UX & Web Design and enjoys exploring new technologies. When I first met Stefan, his curiosity in learning and ability to quickly understand concepts was very impressive. Stefan is opened to new ideas and provides great pleasure in engaged discussions. I can see that Stefan has a prosperous future ahead in which ever career path he decides to pursue."
- Dean Sapcas
UTS Mentor Leader
"Stefan is a very focused, structured and determined person. He follows his goals and fulfils his tasks with facility and determination. He is a great colleague and person to work with. It is always a pleasure to work with him."
- Mitchell Paul Clark
"Stefan is very friendly and seems to know everything about computers and the latest technology. He is the go-to guy for any IT-related issue. I wish him all the best with his latest venture."
"Utterly the best email writer. Once wrote an email to my landlord to successfully request a split-system air conditioner to be installed the next day during Australia's Summer heat - free of charge. :)"
- Family Friend
"Fixed my POP3 Optus email address 📧 numerous times running on Windows Live Mail to Outlook, from Windows 7 to Mac."
- My Mum

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We can catch up for coffee or a Skype call too if that’s your thing. 🙂

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